Macrochromatic Affiliate Program

Announcing the new Macrochromatic Affiliate Program

Word of mouth can be a very powerful thing. When you find something you truly love, you just can’t wait to run out and tell all of your friends about it. It’s how our incredible community has grown so much in just one year, and also how we at Macrochromatic are able to continue bringing you top notch products.


And now spreading the word about your favorite products on Macrochromatic is about to get even more rewarding with our new Affiliate Program!


When you become a Affiliate, you’ll earn 20% on each sale that you refer to our website. – just for helping to spread the word.



Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. Apply to become an Affiliate here:

  2. 2. Once approved, use your special Affiliate links to promote your favorite products on Macrochromatic.

  3. 3. When a new user you’ve referred purchases and item on Macrochromatic, you’ll earn a 20% commission from that sale.


Promoting products on Macrochromatic enables us to continue to spent more time creating the design resources you love. So become an Affiliate today, and start earning rewards just by showing your support for your favorite products and design resources.

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